Director: Tegid Roberts BEng MAES
Tegid Roberts

Founder and director, CADARN Consulting 2002-present

Set up CADARN Consulting Ltd, a technology, finance and management consultancy in 2002. For details of projects and clients click here.

Sony Visual Products Europe 2001-2002

Position: Senior Technical Strategist and Project Manager

Worked with the Vice President and Managing Director of Sony VPE to bring about the first network enabled Sony TV. Day to day duties also included the management of 3rd party suppliers and contractors including software houses (ANT software, FITCH) and hardware designers (Philips Semiconductors, now NXP).

Assisted the Managing Director of Sony Venture Capital, Berlin with technical due diligence.

Sony Professional Audio Research and Development Lab, Oxford 1996-2001

Position: R&D Engineer

Participated in the creation and support of the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and control architecture for the $1 Million OXF-R3 broadcast systems, with overall responsibility for the main signal-processing core of the system software.

The OXF-R3 digital console systems are sold into recording, television and film studios and are still regarded as the best in the world by the broadcast and audio community. Customers include the Hit Factory, New York; George Massenberg; Guillaume Tell Studios, Paris; NBC, New York

In addition, undertook research into other avenues of product development including DSP for computer graphics rendering applications. Investigated possible optimization strategies including the use of large redundant arrays of inexpensive computers [RAIC] for digital processing and the merits of using off the shelf signal processors and FPGAs in favour of custom ASICs. Also researched the use of wireless network devices for broadcast data routing and control across recording studio complexes and television studios.

Education and Qualifications

1993 - 1996   University of York, York, England
                    BEng. [Hons] 2nd Class Electronic Engineering

Third Year Project involved the development of a graphics performance engine for a real-time networked synthesis system using C and OpenGL under SGI Irix.


Novel Subwoofer Signal Conditioner Design Using a Fully Programmable Analog Array and Software Tools. Ian Macbeth, Anadigm Ltd., Crewe, UK ; Tegid Roberts, Cadarn Consulting Ltd., Eynsham, UK. Convention Paper 6282 AES 117th Convention – San Francisco pdf

Using field-programmable analog to build adaptable RFID readers. Tegid Roberts. RF Design Magazine Oct 1, 2004 pdf

Programmable Analog Creates New Opportunities In Audio. Tegid Roberts. Article in Pro Sound News July 1 2004 pdf


Interests and Memberships

Music Recording, Value Investing, Automobiles, Renaissance Art and History

Member of Audio Engineering Society (soon to be appointed as a committee member)

Fellow of the Institute of Welsh Affairs

Member of the Cardiff Business Club

Club memberships: Royal Overseas League, London and Park House Club, Cardiff

Committee Member, Cylch Meithrin Radur a Phentrepoeth (registered charity)