CADARN Consulting Ltd is a UK-based technology, finance and management consultancy founded in 2002 by Tegid Roberts.

CADARN's expertise is in helping businesses to find new opportunities based on their core strengths. The CADARN due diligence process assesses the management, technology and current markets of a company. With this knowledge, CADARN provides advice and support in the development of new product strategies and new technologies. In the past, CADARN has helped client companies to break into new markets, create new customer networks and raise further rounds of venture capital funding. CADARN's aim is always to generate new profitable business, as it is our belief that without profit, no venture is sustainable over the long term.

We look to add value, strive to be cost effective and look for long term relationships. CADARN engagements typically last 18 months or more.

CADARN wants its business to be known for excellence and integrity.

We work with large and small companies, technology and financial services and have interests in a very wide range of different businesses. For more information please feel free to contact CADARN.